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Marketing Campaign Manager

Our marketing campaign manager, Connect, a product in our WorkSmart Suite™, taps into the power of personalization by leveraging multiple touch points across a variety of media to build connected customer experiences.

Create a one-on-one conversation with your customers with highly relevant and focused messages to build loyalty and promote customer interaction. Connect extends your reach and reinforces your message with variable-data direct mail, personalized websites and social media to create a connected experience that drives sales.

Built-in response mechanisms provide a flow of feedback that is the basis for increasingly focused and effective messages while sophisticated analytics show exactly what triggers the best response. Using personalization, Connect allows you to increases marketing relevance to improve response rates, lower the cost per response and make every dollar invested work smarter for you.

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Easy-to-use interface

Design flexibility

Variable text, images and dynamic content

Page visit tracking

Robust reporting

pURL set-up