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API integration (XML/PDF Workflow)

Real-time production status/job tracking

SLA maintenance and customer reporting

Integrated with all major global carriers

Report by site or across all sites

Project management services


Automated Production Management

For your print-on-demand retail business, our Digital Production Control System (Digital PCS) is designed with you in mind. From books, cards, and calendars to canvas, wall art, and phone cases, this order processing system uses the PrintTalk API to allow orders to flow seamlessly from your ordering portal to our presses with no manual intervention. We send you status updates at the individual order level throughout the process, including an automated shipping notification and tracking information. All the while, we remain invisible to your customer, just as we should be.

We believe in a partnerships that bring the highest level of efficiency to print production and fulfillment for your customers. Whether your business is in need of a strategic distribution model across the globe or a more centralized manufacturing facility, our network scales to suit you. By strategically routing orders to the regional production center closest to an order’s final destination, our Digital PCS not only saves time and money, but helps create a more impactful experience with your customer.